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Embody Your Dream

We build bridges between people, dimensions and other worlds

From the connection to you
into the Connection to the spiritual world.
We show people how to find their way back to themselves, to their true being.

Because that's where all the magic begins

That can't be everything.
You actually have everything you need to be happy.
And yet you're still missing something...

Are you looking for "more" in life?

Do you feel this urgent longing within you for change?

Do you want to control your life?

Are you looking for the "meaning of life"?

Conscious Union opens the door to your universe

You recognize who you really are and what power and strength lies within you with our programs with

Personality and Identity Work,
Training in mediumship/healing
and business

We open up a world of magic and success for you.

Our programs


The magical VIP program that changes your life

In this program you will learn to really control
your life.
You are no longer at the mercy of situations
or the reactions of other

VIP 2.0

And you don't need a plan B

A space like no other.
You in the absolute center in the infinite connection to the
spiritual world.
For 12 weeks we will turn every stone of your being together.

Channel Medium

The intensive
online training course

If you feel this call to be a channel for the spirit world, to transmit messages directly from the source, to be a healing medium for wonderful energies, then you feel the call within you to become a channeling or trance medium.

Our business programs

Business Mastery

With energy and strategy to success

Energetic business and a clear strategy for you. Everything starts with you and with you. We guide you through the jungle of "do's" and "don'ts" in your business, energetically and strategically. With a clear structure and easy-to-follow steps, we guide you forward.

Business VIP

A room of superlatives

When energy strategy reaches out, the space-time continuum becomes blurred. You create from your soul, deeply connected to the universe. As a fully transparent medium, I not only perceive your business, but also you on all levels.

Business Bliss

The spiritual world as a business partner

How often have you wished you could get advice from a trusted source in tricky business situations? From a source that has all-encompassing knowledge, a perspective that is out of this world and can give you clear information for all business decisions?


"I had a wonderful experience with Thomas.
He knows his trade and knows what he's doing."

J. S. from Germany

"I am exclusively focused on myself.
It is really thanks to your help and support,
that I was allowed to return there.

Forever grateful."

S.B. from CAN-Quebec

"It is wonderful to be able to experience such a good trance session with you

I can only recommend you to others."

F.S. from Sarnen/OW

You come across as very serious and not "aloof",
which I find totally positive."

A. S. from Dornach

"Her pain subsided from the first day of remote healing and the effect is still there."

A. S. from St. Gallen/SG

"Your teaching was really excellent and great; it gave me the breakthrough to learn mediumship and healing.

I am very grateful to you."

H. M. from JPN-Tokyo

"I know Thomas personally and can highly recommend him. I don't know anyone in the German-speaking world who works at such a high level!

Normally, media and oracles at this level are mainly found in English-speaking countries."

C. K. from Riehen

"I wanted to tell you again that the anorexia that has weighed on me for years has almost completely disappeared since the shamanic cycle.

It's just a memory and I decide against it with ease, that's a small miracle in itself."

V. W. from Germany

"Every single statement made sense and was comprehensible."

P. P. from Birsfelden/BL

"I am so glad that you met me as a teacher. I trust my perceptions more and more."

K. A. L. from Germany

"The insights I gained into the spiritual world during the session will help me throughout my life.

I am deeply grateful for that."

A. S. from St. Gallen/SG

My main pain was completely gone after 2 - 3 days,
simply wonderful - thank you!"

E. R. from Austria

Now I am so happy to have found you. Your lessons are exactly what I've been looking for for years."

S. M. from SWE-Sundbyberg

"I can see more light now and that's good.
I will accept everything that comes my way now,
and look forward to a beautiful new future."

C. from the canton of Zurich/ZH

"Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your mega support, always pushing the boundaries and growing beyond them."

J. M. from ESP-Fuerteventura

"His in-depth knowledge, his knowledge of a wide range of techniques, his positive, upbeat manner and above all the wonderful collaboration with his spiritual team made every session a special event."

U. M. from Ziefen/BL

"But what gives me the most pleasure is my knee, at the moment it almost feels as if it had never been operated on."

P. N. from Laufen/BL

Online sessions

Book your individual session with Thomas or Andrea directly online here.

Magic Room

A session in the Magic Room brings you clarity, answers and a deep sense of calm. Individual session with Andrea: 50 minutes CHF 200.00

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And suddenly everything is so clear.

Do you feel like you can't see the wood for the trees?

Are you currently in over your head and searching in vain for the STOP button?

The Magic Room

It's your anchor when you feel like you're up to your neck in water.

Your space, which I open up for you as a medium guided by my spirit guides.

Your space where you find your answers.

A session in the Magic Room brings you clarity, answers and a deep sense of calm.

50 minutes = CHF 200.00


Answers to your questions in a 1:1 conversation with the spiritual world. Individual session with Thomas: 50 minutes CHF 200.00

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Do you have questions? Questions about your life? What will happen with your job? About your relationship? Why do the same things keep happening to me? Are you ready for answers?

When a medium goes into trance, a magical, sacred space is opened. It clears the way for the energy of the spirit world. The spirit world then speaks and heals directly through the medium, who is in a sleep-like state during this time.

The precision of these answers, which are transmitted in the trance, and the wonderful, loving effect of the transmitted healing energies are simply wonderful.

I work with Michael Harris, a deceased doctor who used to live in England. He has enriching insights and is a wonderful healer, as countless client testimonials confirm.

This recording shows me in a deep trance state. Through transfiguration, spirit guides and the deceased can appear energetically on the face and head of the medium. In the picture you can see a gray-blue moustache and beard and a different head shape than mine.

Meeting costs:
40 minutes = CHF 200.00 (thereafter charged pro rata)

Session languages:

German and English possible

Recording the session:
Possible on request

Remote healing

The wonderful healing energies from the spiritual world.
Individual session with Thomas or Andrea

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For thousands of years we have known that the spirit world supports us with its wonderful, magical energy and that this energy can work true miracles.

Quantum physics, a field of natural science, has proven that everything consists of energy, that there is no such thing as "solid matter", only faster and slower vibrating energy. Energy can change and be changed.

Infirmities, physical illnesses and psychological problems are always an expression of blocked energy. Healing energies from the spiritual world can dissolve these blockages and bring them into flow - to disappear.

There are countless reports, some of them scientifically proven, which show that healing energies from the spirit world can bring healing and relief.

These healing energies can also be transmitted at a distance and be just as effective - for you and for others.

Here is my offer:

Remote healing:

1 x daily for 03 days: CHF 220.00
1 x daily for 07 days: CHF 440.00
1 x daily for 14 days: CHF 660.00
1 x daily for 21 days: CHF 880.00

We started
to change the world

Starting with your world, your personal awakening. We see you, we recognize you. And that's why we know
what you need to come into your full power.
We have come to make everything new. And this is an invitation for you: recreate yourself - we will show you how.

Conscious Union

Thomas & Andrea

Welcome to a world of magic and wonder,
a world of connection and healing.
We, Thomas & Andrea, are "Conscious Union". We live this conscious union between woman and man. Through our combined energies we can have a holistic effect.

Two full-sighted psychic mentors with more than 20 years of experience, who have come to use their skills and knowledge to help you achieve personal freedom. your personal freedom personal freedom.
Into a conscious, happy life in which you know
who you are, in which you can develop your wonderful abilities
and lead your business to success.
We invite you into our magical world,
where everything is possible.

Upcoming events

15augAll DayBusiness Flash21 days to success with energy and strategy

22augAll DayThe Power of You8 months that will turn your life upside down

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